Finding a great masseur can be a challenge. But, at FINA, you have the chance to work with one of the best in the business! Our masseur has 30 years of experience and can offer amazing relief from any muscle tension.

Anesi Parafango Inch Loss Treatment

The Anesi Parafango Treatment Kit is a comprehensive spa treatment for inch loss, skin conditioning, and cellulite reduction. It is designed to be customized for the unique needs of each client. Customization allows you to optimize the treatment for maximum results.

Parafango combines mineral-rich sea mud and paraffin in a powerful restorative body mask that has a geothermal effect. This effect increases the body temperature which then stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage thus helping the body release toxins and unwanted fat stores from the tissue.

1 Session – €45

5 Sessions – €200

Cellulite Vacuum + RF Therapy

Vacuum therapy is a non invasive procedure that increases circulation to the buttocks, to “lift” your buttocks and make the skin appear smoother and firmer. This treatment can also break down fat tissue and cellulite, and remove toxins from your muscles. Vacuum therapy uses suction and mechanical massage to temporarily make your buttocks look firmer and more toned.

1 Session – €70

6 Sessions – €350

Lipo Cavitation

This non-invasive body contouring technique uses ultrasound cavitation to target fat cells. The targeted ultrasound frequency creates pressure and bubbles causing fat cell walls to break down and release their contents, which are then eliminated by the body.

1 Session- €70

6 Sessions – €350

R/F Skin Tightening

Radio frequency body contouring allows heat to penetrate deep into your cells. The heat produces collagen, elastin, and facilitates cell turnover. Not only does the heat reduce fat but it tightens skin in the process.

1 Session – €70

4 Sessions – €240

Maderotherapy Massage


Maderotherapy is a holistic massage technique that uses anatomically designed wooden tools to improve the body’s size and proportions while improving overall health. These instruments allow highly targeted pressure to be applied to problem areas (such as thighs, buttocks, love handles and abdomen).

Pressure intensifies the breakdown of fat deposits and fibrous cellulite so that it can be eliminated naturally with other toxins.

40min – €50  (Leg.Glutes.Hips)

1hr – €75  (Leg.Glutes.Hips.Abdomen)

5 Sessions 40min – € 220


Liposonix is a non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses high-intensity ultrasound energy (HIFU) to destroy fat cells. The treatment is a relatively new technology in the field of fat and cellulite reduction. It is a non-invasive alternative to traditional liposuction procedures. The treatment area can pick about 2.5 cm of adipose tissue can be treated. The body flushes out the damaged cells in the coming weeks, for a permanent reduction of fat in the treated area.

1 Area – €175

3 Areas + 2 FREE RF Treatments – €500

Body Massages

Relaxing Massage

1hr – €45

1hr 30mins – €70

Traditional Massage

1hr – €55

1hr 30mins – €85

Deep Tissue Massage

1hr – €65

1hr 30mins – €100

Head Massage

35min – €30

Leg Massage

35min – €30

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