A natural, individually tailored look is the top priority. This means that your own eyebrow and eyelash hairs are optimally emphasized through shaping, care, and individual coloring. Their styling and care really bring out the advantages and individuality of every face shape.

Eyebrows Tint: €10

Brow tinting is a noninvasively way to enhance and define your existing brow hairs using semi-permanent dye to darken the finer and lighter brow hairs that normally can’t be seen.

Tinting achieves natural full-looking brows and lashes for an always polished and put-together look!…in minutes! The tint lasts three to four weeks.

Henna Brows: €35

Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tint. Thins technique is used to stain the skin beneath the hairs using high quality pigment. This is perfect to fill any sparseness you might be experiencing. Lasts up to 6-8 weeks depending on your skin type.

Brow Lamination: €47-€50

This is a keratin infused chemical solution that straightens the eyebrow hairs to give them a fuller appearance, pulling the hairs up vertically ,making the brows look bigger and more defined.


Eyebrow threading is the process of removing eyebrow hair using a piece of thread. It is by far the gentlest form of hair removal and is used to define and shape the brows and remove facial hair. The benefit of threading is that it is kinder to the skin than waxing, as no heat or chemicals are applied. Regrowth is finer, softer and smoother.

The thread is typically made of cotton and is relatively thin to allow a stronger hold on each strand.

Benefits of threading are that there is no risk of pigmentation and results last longer than most other hair removal techniques.

Quick appointments – Fast, with the average eyebrow treatment taking 15 minutes or less. No ingrown hairs Easy on sensitive skin – An all-natural procedure that uses no chemicals

Areas Treated:

– Eyebrows €6

– Upper Lip €4.50

– Eyebrows and Upper Lip €9.50

– Chin €7

– Side of Face €8

– Full Face €20 (eyebrows not included)

Lash Lift: €35

A lash lift is a perm for your eyelashes. A solution is applied to each individual lash to create the curled effect, lifting your lashes from root to create a more awake, freshly fanned our root. This treatment lasts up to 6-8 weeks

Eyelash Extensions

– Natural Look – Full Set €50

– Natural Look – Infill €35

– Mascara Volume Look – Full Set €55

– Mascara Volume Look – Infill €40

– Wispy Set – Full Set €60

– Wispy Set – Infill  €40

– Soft Volume – Full Set €60

– Soft Volume – Infill €45

– Removal – €10

– Removal From Another Salon – €15

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