Gel Polish Collection – Jingle Bells


Gel Polish Collection
Jingle Bells

6-piece gel polish set that you can use as a display!


Gel Polish Collection – Jingle Bells

When she hears the word Christmas, her eyes light up and she is overwhelmed with enthusiasm… Do you have such a friend? This is her collection! Made for obsessive Christmas fans!

The 6-piece gel polish set also functions as a display, making it a decorative addition to your artificial nail table!

6 pieces of greyish-bluish gel varnish for creating real winter sets!

What lacquer gel colors are included in the Jungle Bell Gel Polish collection?

  • Classic 321 gel polish – shimmering silver mother-of-pearl
  • Classic 322 gel polish – shimmering light gold
  • Classic 323 gel polish – golden shimmering, pinkish red
  • Classic 324 gel polish – shimmering red – with medium-sized micas
  • Classic 325 gel polish – Shimmery red with high glitters, thicker consistency
  • Classic 326 Gel Varnish – Shimmering Burgundy

How to use our Classic gel polishes?

  1. On the prepared nail plate, we pull a base layer.
  2. Then apply the selected gel polish color in a thin layer and tie it in a UV/LED lamp.
    Repeat the previous step.
  3. To close, pull a layer of covering gel over the color and tie it also in a lamp. Let’s make sure that the edges are also sealed!

Bonding time: 2 minutes in a UV lamp; LED lamp 1 minute