Holo Shine 1001 Gel Polish



Holo Shine 1001 EFFECT gel polish

Pick up your long-discouraged gel polish from the depths of your drawers,
and toss them up with our HoloShine gel polishes !

  1. What will you see if you unfold after shaking?
    A completely solid gray, granular, dense varnish.
  2. When is the hologram effect visible?
    The moment a little stronger light hits the gel polish, it will instantly sparkle in sparkling HOLO colors (this effect is not visible in the shade).
  3. How is the 3 HOLO gel varnish different?
    The mica grains in it vary in size.
    1001 is the smallest grain and 1003 is the largest.
  4. How to use? How many layers does it cover?
    You can use it over 1 color of your choice in 1 layer to achieve a HOLO effect, or as a color on its own, in which case 2 layers are required for complete coverage.

Use of effect gel varnish in 4 points: base coat, base gel varnish color (1-2 thin coats), effect gel varnish (1 thin coat), topcoat.

  • We recommend Classic 100 Base / Top Gel as a base and top coat .
  • For nail strengthening, use BIO Gel or flexible Gummy Base Gel as a base, or fiberglass Fiber Base Gel .
  • For topcoats, our flexible EO Top Gel is a perfect choice.
  • For the brightest results, use Cleanser fixing fluid!

Curing time: 2 minutes in UV lamp; 1 minute in LED lamp

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