Classic Gel Polish Collection – Marshmallow


Gel polish collection

Spring into style with our latest enchanting  Spring colors!



Immerse yourself in the world of spring colors
… the colors of our Marshmallow gel polish set are guaranteed to flower you!

The 6-piece gel polish set also functions as a display, making it a decorative accessory for your nail table!

In addition, we will give you a sticker as a GIFT so that you can show your daisies-smeared colors even more aesthetically pleasing to your guests!

Spring into style with our latest enchanting pastel Marshmallow gel polish collection! Embrace the soft hues of the season and let your nails bloom with beauty!

What gel colors are included in the Marshmallow gel polish collection?

  • Classic 449 – Pastel green
  • Classic 450 – Pastel light blue
  • Classic 451 – Pastel light purple
  • Classic 452 – Pastel pink
  • Classic 453 – Pastel pinkish nude
  • Classic 454 – Pastel greyish nude

How to use our Classic gel polishes?

  1. After skin application and scraping, mattify the natural nail plate with a buffer, then remove excess dust with a dust removal brush.
  2. Use artificial nail preparation fluids for proper adhesion and nail health: Sanisol, Nail Prep, Primer and UltraBond / Ultrabond X order.
  3. Then apply the selected gel polish color in a thin layer and bind it in a UV/LED lamp.
    Repeat the previous step. Pay attention to the fact that in any case it is better to lubricate the color in several, but thin layers.
  4. To close, apply a layer of elastic top gel (e.g. Superstar Top Gel) to the color or cover with Classic 100 Base/Top gel varnish and tie it in a lamp. Make sure to seal the edges as well! If Classic 100 clear base and topcoat is used, remove the sticky layer with a threadless paper towel soaked in Cleanser.
  5. Finally, lubricate the nail bed with skin care oils to moisturize it.

How to remove?

It can be removed by grating or dissolving. To dissolve it, matte the light gel with a 180 strength grater then wrap your nails in cotton wool soaked in acetone / release liquid. After about 15-20 minutes of application, remove the foil and push off the dissolved substance with the help of an orange stick. The surface of the nail is then buffered with a finely strong foamy file and don’t forget to moisturize your nail bed!

Setting time: 2 minutes in UV lamp; LED lamp 1 minute