Classic Gel Polish 463 – Deep Blue


Deep Blue Classic gel polish.

Perfect coverage in 2 layers!


Classic 463 gel polish – deep blue

Immerse yourself in the world of winter colors with glitter and pastel shades from our latest Winter Magic gel polish collection! The colours of blue and purple lacquer gel enchant and bring to mind the dreamy, untouched landscapes of snow-capped pine forests and the breath-taking and dramatic towers of an ice castle.

Looking for a stylish and attractive look? With our deep blue gel polish shade, you absolutely can’t shoot next to it! Regal look, even without accessories. Paired with a touch of silver glitter gel lacquer, you can shine like a true Ice Queen.

 All shades of our Classic Gel Polish Orange combine the durability of colored gels with the ease of use of traditional nail polishes, thanks to their brush packaging they can be easily applied.

 Creamy thick lacquer gel that binds to UV light and is easy to apply. It spreads softly and easily, with the curved design of its brush and its precisely cut hair, it can be precisely worked at the nail bed part.

 High pigment content, perfectly covering color that gives a scratch- and abrasion-free, high-gloss surface. It is long-lasting, provides perfect results for up to 3 weeks.

 In case of manicure and pedicure, itcan be used as a coating to strengthen the lip on nails, as a color for artificial nails and for nail decoration. They are ideal for both home and professional (salon) use.

Our Classic lacquer gels bond on a sticky surface, it is necessary to cover/fix them with gel fixing liquid. Their use requires a base and topcoat