Classic Gel Polish 347 – Purple


Perfect coverage in 2 layers!

Dragon Fruit Collection – ice cream purple gel polish


Classic 347 ice cream purple gel polish

Dragon Fruit Collection

Use in 2 layers and create trendy ice cream nails.

Pearl Nails Dragon Fruit Collection - gel polish collection

The Classic gel polish family combines the durability of colored gels with the ease of use of traditional nail polishes.
Dense, high-pigment UV-curing gels that provide a durable, scratch- and abrasion-free, high-gloss finish. They can be used as a strengthening coating for your own nails and as a color for artificial nails. They are easy to use due to their creamy texture and brushed packaging.

The process of gel varnishing in 3 steps: base coat, base gel varnish color (2 thin coats), topcoat.

  • We recommend a base and top coat .
  • For nail strengthening, use BIO Gel or flexible Gummy Base Gel as a base, or fiberglass Fiber Base Gel .
  • For topcoats, our flexible EO Top Gel is a perfect choice.
  • For the brightest results, use Cleanser fixing fluid!

Curing time: 2 minutes in UV lamp; 1 minute in LED lamp

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